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*Single Element Sealing
Use these products when you need to seal a single element such as a temperature probe, tubewell, pipe, etc. These products are capable of sealing on items made of materials such as metal, glass, ceramic or plastic.

Electrode ( EG ) Series

 Split ( PGS ) Series

* Multiple Element Sealing With Factory Installed Leadwires
Use these products when multiple wire feedthroughs are required to carry power or instrumentation signals into pressure or vacuum environments.
These compression seal fittings are manufactured with factory installed leadwires.
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 High Density ( HD ) Feedthrough Series


 High Pressure ( HPPL ) Series


 High Pressure ( HPEG ) Series


 Power Lead ( PL ) Series


Transducer Gland Teflon ( TG24T ) Series


 Transducer Gland Fiberglass ( TGF ) Series

 Transducer Gland Fiberglass ( TGM ) Series


* Multiple Element Sealing – Without Factory Installed Lead Wires

Use these products when you want to seal multiple elements of the same or different diameters such as metal tubing, ceramic or rigid plastic tube or pipe, temperature probe, a tubewell, low voltage instrumentation wire or a power supply feedthrough. These compression seal fittings are generally manufactured without factory installed leadwires.


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Transducer ( TG ) Series

 Multi-hole Ceramic ( MHC ) Series

 Multi-hole Metal ( MHM ) Series

 Split ( PGS ) Series

 Split ( SPG / DSPG ) Series


 Sensor Wire Seal ( BSWS ) Series


* Application Specific Assemblies
• Products in this section are for special use applications that Conax Technologies has custom designed.
• Conax Technologies can provide the innovation you require to produce a custom design for your application.


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Fiber Optic ( FSA / FCA ) Gland Series


FSA is for sealing fiber optic cable inside a stainless steel sheath and without using epoxy



FCA is for sealing fiber optic terminations


* Special Assemblies – Custom Engineered Solutions

In this section are examples of special use products designed for custom applications
Conax Technologies can custom design a sealing solution to meet your exact requirements


Hazardous Location (HL) Gland 
The HL Gland is designed for sealing conduit wires in a wide variety of hazardous environments.
CSA Certified in the U.S. and Canada








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