[Custom Assemblies] MSS100 – Custom Assembly
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(Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors / 압저항식 압력센서)
The MSS100 custom assembly is ideal for high-volume, high-pressure Medical OEM applications


Range                            -15 to 5 PSIG
Type                                Gage
Media                              Air, gases and liquids
Packaging                  Bulk, Tape & Reel
Flexibility                        Sensitivity, resistance, bridge, constraint, etc.
Temperature Range     10 to +90 C


Performance              Enjoy best-in-class performance due to Merit’s proprietary Sentium technology
Cost                          Save money over time with high-performing die
Security                     Feel confident doing business with an experienced company backed by a solid parent company
                                         (NASDAQ: MMSI)
Speed                        Get to market quickly with creative and flexible solutions.
Service                      Experience prompt, personal and professional support.

Typical Applications

Medical                     Blood Analyzer Equipment
                                        Medical Pneumatics
                                        Medical Diagnostic Devices
                                        Medical Analysis

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc. has partnered with customers for more than 20 years to design, fabricate, assemble and package reliable, cost-effective piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions for automotive, medical, industrial, aviation, defense and consumer applications.
Merit Sensor offers full-service design capabilities, in-house wafer fabrication, flexible shipping, packaging and assembly, piezoresistive technology (PRT), expansive pressure ranges (0.15 psi to 15,000 psi), complete pressure measurement (absolute, gage, differential and vacuum) and unmatched operating temperature range (-40°C to 150°C) via our Sentium® process. Additionally, Merit Sensor is able to provide unparalleled flexibility to customize pressure sensing solutions to fit into our customers’ applications.
Unlike other pressure sensor suppliers, Merit Sensor can provide customers with completely customized pressure sensor designs with large or smaller/limited production runs. Our customers range from pressure sensor transducer manufacturers who are already experts in pressure sensing technology and rely on Merit Sensor for highly stable and sensitive MEMS sensing elements (bare die), to customers who have little to no experience in the pressure sensing world and look to Merit Sensor to assist with a completely custom design and implementation of a pressure sensor that best fits their application.
At Merit Sensor our engineers are application experts. We are ready to help customers design your application to work with a pressure sensor, and/or design a customized pressure sensing solution that works for your application. If you are unsure whether a pressure sensor is right for your application, Merit Sensor can help you make that determination.

Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage Vdd 4.5 5 5.5 Volts
Supply Current Id     10 mA
Output Current Iout     2.5 mA
Short Circuit Current Isc -25   25 mA
Reverse Polarity Protection1 Vrp -33     Volts
Overvoltage Protection1 Vop     33 Volts
ESD2 Vesd >4     kV
Pressure Range PSIG -15   5 PSIG
Output Range Vout 10   90 %Vdd
Resolution Pres 0.1 0.03 0.02 %FS
Pressure Error3 Perr -2.5 0 2.5 %FS
Static Proof Pressure Pproof   2X FS   PSI
Burst Pressure pburst   3x FS   PSI
Failed Low     <9   %Vdd
Failed High     >91   %Vdd
Lifetime Drift Plife     0.5 %FS
Repeatability Prepeat     0.25 %FS
Operating Temperature   10   40 °C
Storage Temperature   -25   60 °C
 1 Device will cease operation during supply voltage fault.
2 Human body model1.5kOhm/100pF.
3 Pressure Error includes all error for hysteresis and linearity over the entire operating temperature range. It does not include lifetime drift
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