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High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies
Operating Temperatures Up to 4200˚F (2315˚C)
for Vacuum Furnace
Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Head and Support Tube
Terminal Head Assembly
Conax Buffalo provides high temperature assemblies with T5, T8 and T11 termination heads in
aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron to meet application needs. T5 termination heads meet
NEMA 4 requirements providing protection against windblown dust and rain, splashing water,
hose-directed water and external ice formation. (See page 11 for details on termination heads.)
The sheath is affixed to the terminal head using a Conax Buffalo packing gland Type PG4 with
lava sealant. Terminal heads with terminal blocks and gasket seal are rated to 275˚ F (135˚ C).
The support tube supports the sheath from cantilever deflection and offers protection
during penetration of the vessel/furnace wall. The rigid, thick wall provides additional sheath
protection from potential damage during mounting/compression fitting installation.
Progressive Descript-xion Example:
S24-AL37-AL-U-T5CI (S 4 B V C 4) -12.00"
* Select sealant material:
L = Lava-up to 1600º F (870º C)
G = Grafoil-up to 925º F (495º C)
V = Viton -up to 450º F (232º C)
• .125" diameter sheath is available with 30 gauge wire only.
• Alumina sheath is not available in .125" diameter.
• Molybdenum, Tantalum and Tungsten are not available in .375" diameter.
• Lava sealant not recommended for high vacuum.
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